Your photos, their device

Why huddle around one small screen when you can xim your photos to your friends? Your slideshow will play on your device and theirs simultaneously. Sit back, enjoy the show.

Share to their device.

Swipe, pan and zoom together

Anyone in the Xim can advance the show, or pan and zoom to see that special detail. Keep the conversation going with comments or even add your own photos to the Xim.

Keep the conversation going, add your photos.

No app required

Only one person needs Xim for all to participate. Xim is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Photos can come from your camera roll or favorite service. Pick your source, pick your photos, and pick your people - your friends don't even need to have the app installed.

Share from the cloud or from your camera.

Now playing on the big screen

Bigger is better! Tap the display icon and select browser, Xbox One, Google Cast or AppleTV to view your Xim on the big screen for a lively living room experience.

Now playing on the big screen.

Want to know more?

Sit back and enjoy the video. See more videos here